8 October 2012

Picture an Arab Man | Addressing Stereotypes with Photography

The portrait series, Picture an Arab Man, is a large body of work by Tamara Abdul Hadi, which captures Arab men of diverse backgrounds. The series aims to break down stereotypes of Arab men by highlighting the sensual beauty of the Arab man. This is described as an unexplored aspect of their identity on the cusp of change in a society that reveres an out-dated form of hyper-masculinity.
The series features men in Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Dubai, Palestine, and Canada including some from Iraq, Sudan, and Syria. In March 2012, photographer Tamara Abdul Hadi started a successful fundraising campaign to support the next stage of the project. The funds would cover general expenses and go towards the printing of a book. Tamara's use of photography to represent her subjects as diverse, candid men solely with their rich Middle Eastern heritage in common has truly and understandably resonated with many.

View photos from the series and hear more from her in the video below.

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