1 August 2012

After Colour | Brianna McCarthy

Brianna McCarthy is a mixed media artist who lives and works in Trinidad and Tobago. Her work takes on the intricacies and dynamics of representing Afro-Caribbean women who are portrayed as being strong, long-suffering, exoticised and picturesque beings against a backdrop of poverty, hardship, abuse and/or scorn. Below are some art pieces from Brianna McCarthy's first solo exhibition entitled, 'After Colour'.
This exhibition was provoked, by a pamphlet which came in the mail for Ashe’ skin Whitening Crème. McCarthy was appalled into action by the mere suggestion that an approximation to whiteness was associated with value. She felt like such messages were dangerous and derogatory originating from distorted lenses. After Colour takes a look at the contemporary dynamic of complexion defining beauty in women. It examines the representation of women of different shades of skin, by themselves and by others, and the idea of ‘shadism’, both in Trinidad and within a wider, global discussion that’s happening right now.

Video Interview: Brianna McCarthy at After Colour

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