2 October 2012

The Gentlemen of Bacongo | Photography

The Gentlemen of Bacongo” is a book of photographs by Daniele Tamagni, an Italian freelance photographer. In an interview with Vogue, Tamagni explained over the past few years, he had gained an increasing interest in documenting African communities worldwide. The book documents a subculture in the Congo where men express their creativity through tailored suits, silk ties, and immaculate footwear. They are part of a cultural movement called Le Sape “a clique of extraordinarily dressed dandies from the Congo." 
Tamagni first learned about sapeurs during his 2006 visit to Brazzaville in the Congo. "When I first saw those elegant men I was amazed and impressed by their glamorous look. I consider sapeurs as a sort of a revolutionary movement, because dressing up is a way to escape and forget poverty."

One key feature of the sapeur culture is the shared deep adoration for labels such as Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Armani, Versace, and Yamamoto. The men buy the clothes from Congolese living in France who send bring the clothes to Congo.

Tamagni won the first prize as best porfolio in the 2009 Young Photographers Canon Award, and second prize at the 2009 Premio Ponchielli, for his work in The Gentlemen of Bacongo. 

The book is available for purchase online.

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