29 November 2011

23 November 2011


Tinashé is Zimbabwean-born music from the UK. He was recently featured on UK Channel 4's Intros and recently released his album Saved. I'm really enjoying Tinashé's Mbira version of Zambezi along with A-LiarPieces of Paper, and  Saved (acoustic).

22 November 2011

In the Sahara

Here is a painting I just completed last night. I learned quite a bit from the process because I was able to use a number of techniques that I've been studying and observing with regards to colour and texture. The painting was based on this picture posted on my Tumblr page. So many things about the image resonated with me. I'm curious to see how what interpretations people take from this piece.

Rose of Sharon

21 November 2011

Seu Jorge - Tive Razao

I love the sound of Brazilian musician, Seu Jorge.

"Tive Razao" by Seu Jorge from the record "Cru"

A light, dance tune by Brazilian artist, Seu Jorge
 who is considered a renewer of Brazilian pop samba.

Click here for a listen!

Voyager Typeface | Christophe Barneau

18 November 2011

Music for the weekend

Calle 13 - Latinoamerica

Manu Chao - Me gustas tu

Black Rose (Raude) - Rosiloa

Minimalist Storytelling

Designer Kyle Tezak challenged himself to summarize these books and movies with just four icons. Each story was illustrated with only three colours.

17 November 2011

Cielito | Product Design & Typography

Cielito presents today's typography post with its design of these products. via

15 November 2011

Watercolour and Texture | Paul Steven Bailey

Shingle shack

Three barns 

I came across these by Paul Steven Bailey and was intrigued because I've never seen watercolour with such texture and definition. Paul Bailey's choice of colour also produces a vibrant and sometimes contrasting effect which I like. The painting were done on gesso primed paper which adds to the texture.

14 November 2011

Vindeco Typeface

Lois Mailou Jones

Lois Mailou Jones was an African-American artist, born in Boston in 1905. During her long and remarkable life in art and education, she painted, designed masks, textiles and stained glass windows, painted hundreds of portraits of the famous and infamous, and traveled the world well into her nineties. 
In 1980, she was honoured by President Jimmy Carter at the White House for outstanding achievements in arts. Her paintings grace the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, National Museum of American Art, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, National Portrait Gallery, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the National Palace in Haiti and many others. Lois felt that her greatest contribution to the art world was "proof of the talent of Black artists." But her fondest wish was to be known as an "artist" -- without labels like Black artist or woman artist. via
As I read about Jones and study her artwork, I can't help but be amazed. I admire her skill, her courage, and her journey of development. It's encouraging and inspiring to know that she was able to accomplish all that she did.

Arvil Sans Typeface

8 November 2011

Matt W. Moore | MWM Graphics

These amazing works are by Matt W. Moore. I am currently reading several books on colour theory and I am intrigued by interactions of black and white with colours. They both seem to alternate roles in creating the illusion of brightening colours. These art pieces make me wonder how I can extend the boundaries of my imagination to see images so rich and vivid.

7 November 2011

Accra[dot]Alt: Artistic Expression Through Hair

You might remember this post about Accra[dot]Alt and the Talk Party that I attended over the summer. You may also remember this post about Tim Okamura's Bronx Brooklyn Queens exhibition featuring women wearing beautiful hairstyles. The following pictures feature some of the amazing women I met at the Accra[dot]Alt Talk Party. To me, these beautiful women represent the reality that Okamura recreates in his artwork.

For more on Accra[dot]Alt visit their website.

Special thanks to Gladstone for his help with the pictures!
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