2 October 2012

Losing You | Solange Knowles & The Sapeurs

Solange Knowles has just released the video for her new single Losing You. Directed by Melina Matsoukas, this video was filmed in Cape Town, South Africa featuring a band of well-dressed sapeurs, similar to those documented by Tamagni's The Gentlement of Bacongo.
In an interview with Fader, Solange explained her interest in the Sapeurs saying, "I think it's about the fact that they really believe that this interpretation of style is giving praise to God. Sort of making their place in the world. There are all of these commandments that a Sapeur must abide by. Sort of like a society." 

The Sapeur lifestyle goes beyond clothes. "A Sapeur must know how to speak French, a Sapeur must know how to tie his tie the right way, and he must have perfect posture."

Watch the music video here:

via okayafrica

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