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auburnbutterfly is an award-winning premier source on topics of cultural arts. The blog is a great way to reach an international, urban, artistic group. Our posts are particularly in relation to the stories of Africans and Africans in the diaspora. We also cover stories from the Caribbean, and the Middle East. 

If you are an art museum or organization, artist, filmmaker, producer or creative company of sorts auburnbutterfly is ideal for you. For us, it's about community. We're building a community. We want to support your upcoming events or products, and we need your support in what we do so it's really a partnership.

Special Offers:

New Partner: Advertising with us for the first time? We're offering 50% off for your first month with us. So go ahead, give us a try!

Long-term Partner: Interested in advertising for longer? We'll give you 20% off if you buy a 3-month bundle with us.

For rates and advertising space, contact us at auburnbutterflyblog@gmail.com.

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