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The Blog
auburnbutterfly is an award-winning cultural arts blog that explores various forms of the expression of cultural ideals and values through art. Readers can find posts on short films, digital art,  among others. The goal of auburnbutterfly is to spark conversation and contribute to the dialogue about the interconnected relationship between art and culture. We also aim to introduce the readers to a variety of new stories that bridge the gaps between us, as people of various backgrounds but with similar experiences.

The Editor
In 2011, Sharon created auburnbutterfly as a venue to chronicle and explore her interests in the arts. Sharon is also an artist and has completed projects in visual arts, photography and film. She is currently completing her final year of commerce studies at Queen's University. Professionally she has interests in emerging market capital investment, entrepreneurship, and financial consulting. However, Sharon is passionate about arts, and eager to see what awaits after school.

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