31 July 2012

Funky Grooves | Vlisco's newest collection

Check out Vlisco's newest collection called Funky Grooves.

auburnbutterfly is on Tumblr

Hey there, did you know that auburnbutterfly is on tumblr? It's nothing new, but maybe you've missed it. Here's a snapshot of what the page looks like today. If you're on tumblr, let's connect! I'm always on the lookout for other creatives.

Visit the page at www.auburnbutterfly.tumblr.com.


30 July 2012

In Between Stories | Short Documentary

In Between Stories is a short 20-min documentary that features four young artists from the African diaspora communities in Toronto, Canada. This film touches on issues including media representations of Africa, experiences of second-generation immigrant youth and the role of storytelling. As they navigate through the different narratives that make up their lives, they share what it means to be a young African in today's society.
As a Ghanaian-Canadian, I relate very much to the artists and to the stories that they tell. My compassion for Ghana and my continent has led me to be proactive by sharing stories to influence the generally negatively-biased narrative offered by the media. I also find myself in the middle of both countries in terms of identity. I appreciate how this has made me open-minded, observant and aware as a result of it.

What do you think about this? Are there any other ways that Africans in the diaspora can change the narrative? Let me know in the comments below.

27 July 2012

Photography | Rog Walker

I'm loving these photos from Rog Walker's amazing collection. I've admired of his work for quite a while. I also enjoyed his recent album of photos from his wedding with Bianca Pandit.

See more photos over at www.rogwalker.com/ and www.speakingpixels.com/stories/.

Digital Art | Occupy Nigeria

David Osagie presents a collection of artwork inspired by the Occupy Nigeria movement. Nigeria's membership in the Occupy movement is reported to have began after Nigerian political leaders defied reforms designed to distribute Nigeria's oil rich economy to citizens. It's interesting to see events in the political environment being reflected in art work. Art is an effective tool of communication particularly because it is visual by nature.

26 July 2012

Yinka Shonibare | Art Basel Miami 2012 Series [4]

This year's Art Basel Miami was its eleventh edition and its representation of African American, Carribean Diaspora, and African Diaspora artists is described as the best in Basel's history. In this post series, I present some black artists featured at Art Basel Miami 2012.

Yinka Shonibare's recent exhibition at Art Basel 2012 consisted of figures called Revolution kid (fox) and Revolution kid (calf). Designboom described the pieces saying, "...the artist gives the human bodies the head of either a young fox or cow in order to express the timeliness and particularities of a youthful rebellion. [Furthermore], this theatrical installation draws attention to both a postcolonial relationship between Africa and Europe, highlighting  the economic disparity between the two continents, while also speaking to the youth of both regions as the tools of emancipation, violence and globalization are displayed hands of each figure."

From top to bottom: "Revolution kid (fox)"; "Revolution kid (calf)"

25 July 2012

Film & Illustration | Aya de Yopougon

Aya de Yopougon is a graphic novel series by Marguerite Abouet. Marguerite was born in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, where many of the themes in the series chronicle her childhood memories. Aya de Yopougon is french for Aya of Yopougon or Aya from Yopougon. Yopougon is a working-class neighbourhood in Abidjan in the late 1970's.
It is no wonder that this series has a strong international audience. I love that Aya illustrates daily life in Cote d'Ivoire in a realistic way that excludes an exaggerated narrative of war, famine, and disease. As a result of the strong interest in the series, Aya de Yopougon will be available in an upcoming animated film. I'm really looking forward to this film. Details on the film will be included in a follow-up post.

24 July 2012

Photography | Beautiful Moodiness

I absolutely adore this photoshoot by Cape Town photographer Paul Cocks and stylist Kate Desmarais. Inspired by a Tretchikoff painting, Paul and Kate merged their visions for portrait featuring items of clothing used as head wraps.
One of my favourite parts of art is the ability to collaborate with other artists. I love bouncing off ideas and feeding off the creative energy of others. I'm really looking forward to participating in creative collaborations such as these.

Brasil Summerfest | July 21 - 28, 2012

The Brasil Summerfest is back in New York this year with a fresh new lineup of critically-acclaimed artists. Founded and curated by Petrit Pula in 2011, the festival was created as a platform to highlight the music and culture of Brazil.
This year, the festival opened on July 21st with an arrangement of performances at Central Park SummerStage. Criolo, MTV Brazil's Best New Artist in 2011, is one special feature of the festival. He artfully blends Brazilian rhythms including samba, soul, Afro-funk and rock riffs which he assembles with hip-hop beats and flow. Another special feature is Flavio Renegado, a hip hop artist  who incorporates the sounds of reggae, maracatu, Cuban music, African rhythms, and samba.

For more on the festival, visit www.brasilsummerfest.com.

22 July 2012

Wafrica Kimono

Serge Mouangue presents Wafrica and an interpretation of Japanese and African cultures through African kimonos. Wafrica aims to develop new means of celebrating diversity and is a response to the argument that globalization may rob us of our cultural identities. Wafrica also sparks the conversation about the ancient, strong, sophisticated identities between Japan and Africa. 

The Cameroon-born artist explained the concept behind the art saying, "I pursue and observe the complexity of different values and cultural identities in search of threads to weave a fabric which is blending of these differences." This collection is particularly intriguing due my fascination with the origin of African prints and what it symbolizes.

For more on Wafrica, visit the official website.

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12 July 2012

Noisettes | That Girl

The Noisettes is one of my favourite music bands for many reasons, and this song is another reason why. 'That Girl' is the first single from the upcoming album entitled 'Contact'. In addition to my adoration for the song and how it makes me dance in my head, I also adore the album cover. The geometric patterns and the use of vibrant colours complement the playful style of the song.


6 July 2012

Art & Revolution | The Noise Of Cairo

The documentary explores the social change experienced in Cairo after the revolution. It features 12 artists, artisans, musicians and city folk who discuss their newly-acquired freedom to express themselves. I couldn't help but feel inspired after seeing the trailer. I am eager to see more of the effects of this increased interest in the arts within Cairo and Egypt.

 For more on the documentary, visit Noise of Cairo.

5 July 2012

Afrographique | Typography

Afrographique is a typeface inspired by modern Africa, and designed by South African designer Ivan Colic in Cape Town, South Africa. I like the colour choices and the layering of photos with graphics in this collection.

Leila | The Black and White EP

I love the songs on Leila's The Black and White EP. Her music style has a flavour of jazz and hints of pop rock. I've been replaying her album all evening and I really like it. (Thank you Boutique La Boheme for the recommendation.) Enjoy!

3 July 2012

Guess what?! auburnbutterfly is joining YouTube!

Auburnbutterfly is joining YouTube to open up the conversation with you. It's a different way of discussing art and culture for a greater level of engagement on topics that require more interaction. 
After many months of thinking that I should start making YouTube videos, and many more months of convincing myself not to, I finally pushed myself to do the unimaginable. I not only started the video, but finished it in the same day! Considering how perfectionist I can be, this feels like an amazing achievement. So without further ado, I present to you auburnbutterfly's first YouTube video!

Is there anything you're looking forward to discussing? Let me know in the comments below.

Much love,

1 July 2012

Tabula Rasa

I came across Tabula Rasa over at Fly and I have to say that I completely agree with Andrea. The photos from the lookbook and photoshoot make the collection very appealing. I adore the artistic theme of the photoshoot, and I can see myself wearing these clothes.
For more on Tabula Rasa, visit the official website.

Lianne La Havas | Album Launch

I'm very excited about the July album release of Is Your Love Big Enough? by Lianne La Havas. For now, I am replaying the music video below, waiting for a chance to pick up an album, and hoping I can catch a show when I return to the UK.

Music Video: Is Your Love Big Enough?

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