24 January 2012

Chewing Gum and Chocolates

Jose James + Flying Lotus: Visions of Violet

Chewing Gum and Chocolates, Yokosuka, 1959 - Shomei Tomatsu

18 January 2012

Sarah Kay | If I should have a daughter

Introduced with an eloquent, wise, witty poem called "B", and concluded with an amazing performance of "Hiroshima", Sarah Kay shares her love for spoken word poetry. She tells the story of her metamorphosis - from a wide-eyed teenager soaking in verse at New York's Bowery Poetry Club to a teacher connecting kids with the power of self-expression through Project V.O.I.C.E. This presentation is just another reason why I adore Sarah Kay.

Renata Morales | Spring 2010

A fun, flirty collection from Renata Morales Spring 2010.

17 January 2012

Rue Blanche | Fall/Winter 2011

Created in 1987 by Marie-Chantal Regout and Patrick Van Heurck, Rue Blanche incorporates simplicity, edge line research, refined fabrics and prints. In addition to the clothes displayed in this contemporary Fall/Winter collection, I really like the artistic theme used in these photographs.

16 January 2012

My Favourite Things | Navy Blue - The Sartorialist Edition

When I was little, I disliked being asked what my favourite colour was. I could not decide, and I did not want to. If you insisted and forced me to pick though, I'd specifically list baby blue, lime green, rosy pink, cherry red, and bright yellow as my top five choices.

This continued until I fell in love with a beautiful rich navy blue bag three years ago, and I have never been the same since then. Now, I stop and gravitate towards variations of this colour like a magnet. It's quite scary. Here is a collection of some of my favourite dresses via The Sartorialist.

From Left to Right: 

Melting Colour | Dion Johnson

I am very fascinated by the world of colour. So naturally, discovering these acrylic paintings by Dion Johnson has made me quite happy. As eloquently explained by Los Angeles, I'm Yours, "Johnson's work is about the interplay of colour and, even though not epoxy, allow for colours to enjoy each other and/or melt into each other. Using acrylic paints is also very important in this process as the paint is both incredibly viscous while being incredibly faint in application. As you can see, this is important because the paint allows itself to be transparent and malleable." via Design Milk

15 January 2012

Monk's Music by Thelonious Monk

Monk's Music, recorded in 1957 by a jazz septet, was my weekend playlist. Some favourites...

Off Minor (1963 live performance)

Epistrophy (1961 live performance)

Another favourite not on this album is Solitude, a slow, relaxing tune played on the piano. 

Happy listening!
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