19 December 2012

Lynette Yiadom-Boakye | Art Basel Miami 2012 Series [2]

This year's Art Basel Miami was its eleventh edition and its representation of African American, Carribean Diaspora, and African Diaspora artists is described as the best in Basel's history. In this post series, I present some black artists featured at Art Basel Miami 2012.

Lynette Yiadom Boakye is an artist of Ghanaian descent based in London. Her paintings are predominantly figurative with raw and muted colours. Yiadom-Boakye's work puts black subjects at the heart of a European painting tradition from which they have largely been left out.

Left: Rose Emblem, 2011, oil on canvas; 
Right: Further Pressure From Cannibals, 2010, oil on canvas

Left: Knave, 2011, oil on canvas; Right: Watcher, 2011, oil on canvas

Condor and the Mole, 2011, oil on canvas

Watch a short introduction to Lynette Yiadom-Boakye's work below:

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