17 December 2012

30% | A Film About Women and Politics in Sierra Leone

30% is a short film which tells the story of a 10 year battle to gain fair representation for women in the governance of Sierra Leone. The significant gap in the representation of women in government is an issue which is common worldwide. According to The Independent, Rwanda is the best place in the world for women to be politicians because it is the only country in which females make up the majority of parliamentarians with 45 out of 80 seats. The UK ranked as 45th, behind Pakistan and United Arab Emirates. The worst countries were Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, Oman and Belize which have no women in parliament.

Within the context of Sierra Leone's politics we learn about individuals like Dr. Bernadette Lahai, Salamatu Kamara, and Barbara Bangura who each face challenges in their efforts to achieve equality. The film transitions seamlessly between oil painted animation by Em Cooper and live action video by Anna Cady which creates some captivating visual effects.

Watch the official trailer here:

30% is an official for the 2013 Sundance Film Festival in the Shorts Competition. The film was commissioned by Pathways for Women's Empowerment and Screen South, while funded by Real World Films. To learn more about the situation in  Sierra Leone, you can read the case study written by Pathways. 

You can watch the full short film on IMDB here.

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