5 December 2012

American Promise | Two Black Boys in the Education System

American Promise is a documentary that offers a realistic look at the harsh realities that black males face in the education system today. Filmed by Joe Brewster and Michele Stephenson, the project began 13 years ago as they focused on Idris, their son, and his best friend Seun. The film follows them on their educational journey up to their senior year of high school. American Promise was successfully funded on kickstarter with this engaging video narrated by Idris' younger brother named Miles.
The film has now been completed and is an official selection of the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. Inspired by the American Promise, filmmakers Joe Brewster and Michele Stephenson created a book with bestselling author entitled, "Promises Kept: How to Help Black Boys Succeed in School and in Life". This parenting and educational guide is designed to offer strategies on how to deal with the challenges that Black boys face in the American educational system.

Watch the trailer for the American Promise here:

The film will be released on PBS, along with the parenting book by Random House.
For more on American Promise, visit www.americanpromise.org/

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