24 December 2012

A Heart of Thanks

Over the past year, auburnbutterfly has evolved into something bigger than I imagined. I was born into a family of artists and began drawing very early. It wasn't until a few years ago that I became increasingly fascinated with cultural arts, so I started auburnbutterfly to chronicle what I discovered. Thank you for joining me and for reading along the way. I am thankful for the continued support you have shown me. I am also thankful to have met a community of so many wonderful people who share this passion. 

Before I created auburnbutterfly, I was an avid reader of creative blogs. I was always curious to learn about the writers, and happy to connect through shared interests. It's been an interesting experience being on the other end of the blogging experience this past year. I'd love to know who you are, so please don't hesitate to connect with me! (@RoseofSharonO)

I'm wishing you all the peace and joy of the festive season. 

May our hearts be filled with warmth as we begin a new year.

With love,
Sharon Obuobi

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