19 November 2012

(1)ne Drop | Defining What It Means To Be Black

People of African descent reflect a multiplicity of skin tones and phenotypic characteristics. Often times, however, when met by people who self-identify as ‘Black,’ but do not fit into a prototypical model of ‘Blackness,’ many of us not only question their identity, but challenge their Blackness, and thus our potential relationship to them. (1)ne Drop explores the "other” faces of Blackness – those who may not immediately be recognized, accepted, or embraced as ‘Black’ in this visually racialized society.
In an interview with CNN's Don Lemon, Artistic Director and Producer Dr. Yaba Blay shared some of her new experiences with the project. She also explained some of the history behind the (1)ne Drop rule. Overall, the project seeks to raise social awareness and spark community dialogue about the complexities of Blackness as both an identity and a lived reality. I appreciate Dr. Yaba Blay's work in addressing a topic that we all know is important, yet tend to overlook as we address other racial matters.

For more on the (1)ne Drop project you can visit www.1nedrop.com for details on the photobook which includes some of the images shown above.

Photo Credit: (1)ne Drop

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