14 November 2012

My Rockstars | Portraits from Morocco

My Rockstarts is an exhibition by London-based artist Hassan Hajjaj. Inspired by his childhood in Marrakech, Morocco, the collection is a series of portraits of average people who represent his everyday rockstars. Some of the frames in this collections are created with soft drink and food cans. This is explained as a representation or symbol of the growing import market. Hassan Hajjaj explains his work saying, “I’m trying to create something which has as much of my identity as possible… something that is fresh in Europe and Africa … it’s like when you see the jars and the sweets in the shop as a child.”
Hassan Hajjaj is also known for his designing of the Andy Wahloo, a bar in Paris. My Rockstars feels like a modern take on the work of photographers such as Malick Sidibe and Seydou Keita. Hajjaj credits Malick Sidibe's photos of Malian nightlife for having a significant impact on his work. My Rockstars was exhibited at The Third Line in September, and is reported to be making an appearance in London soon.

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