9 November 2012

Songs From Poems | The Musical Style of Kae Sun

Kae Sun is an artist at heart. You can tell by his thoughtful gaze and deep introspective pauses that he has a lot to share. I sat down with him to discuss his recent music video, his upcoming album, and his work as a musician.

Sharon: What is the main artistic theme behind the Ship and the Globe music video? I noticed the themes of a journey in the music video. Is that what the song is about?
Kae Sun: Yes, it’s about journey and space in terms of distance. I write a lot of poetry and sometimes a poem turns into a song. My lyrics often come from poems.

Photo Credit: Yaa Annobil & Joshua Kissi

S: That’s incredible! Who is your favourite poet?
K: My favourite poets are actually musicians who are great songwriters. I like Bob Dylan. His lyrics are very literate. Leonard Cohen is a Canadian favourite of mine. I also read African poetry.

S: So would you consider releasing poetry in the future?
K: Maybe, we’ll see. I write all the time so it’s a possibility.

S: How did your recent visit to Ghana affect your inspiration for your album?
K: I was in Ghana very briefly in May. My visit in Ghana has definitely helped in terms of inspiration. But the first time I returned to Ghana after living in Canada was the most eye opening. I noticed everything I had missed as a child. Ghana was a lot more interesting for me.


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