26 July 2012

Yinka Shonibare | Art Basel Miami 2012 Series [4]

This year's Art Basel Miami was its eleventh edition and its representation of African American, Carribean Diaspora, and African Diaspora artists is described as the best in Basel's history. In this post series, I present some black artists featured at Art Basel Miami 2012.

Yinka Shonibare's recent exhibition at Art Basel 2012 consisted of figures called Revolution kid (fox) and Revolution kid (calf). Designboom described the pieces saying, "...the artist gives the human bodies the head of either a young fox or cow in order to express the timeliness and particularities of a youthful rebellion. [Furthermore], this theatrical installation draws attention to both a postcolonial relationship between Africa and Europe, highlighting  the economic disparity between the two continents, while also speaking to the youth of both regions as the tools of emancipation, violence and globalization are displayed hands of each figure."

From top to bottom: "Revolution kid (fox)"; "Revolution kid (calf)"

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