27 July 2012

Digital Art | Occupy Nigeria

David Osagie presents a collection of artwork inspired by the Occupy Nigeria movement. Nigeria's membership in the Occupy movement is reported to have began after Nigerian political leaders defied reforms designed to distribute Nigeria's oil rich economy to citizens. It's interesting to see events in the political environment being reflected in art work. Art is an effective tool of communication particularly because it is visual by nature.


  1. The last sentence you wrote: " art is an effective tool...because it is visual BY NATURE," I've never thought of that. All forms of art, even music, drama, are most effective when they are visual, even music. 'Cause my first thoughts turned to music. Is music visual? Not necessarily, but in my opinion, visual (live) music is always the best. Live music portrays the emotions of the artist. It evokes imagery, yes, that is the general, critical phrase to use but what it really does,is show the emotions, thoughts of the artist- what he/she really means when they sing " I love you." The depth of the love, the tenderness or forcefulness of the love - whether it is unrequited love or mutual love. Is it complete- kind , compassionate, passionate, forgiving, dedicated and Yes, lustful? Or is it only, lustfuly, passionate, fleeting, heart-thumping and potentially gut-wrenching?

  2. Oh, and I must add, visual music also allows the artist to gauge the crowd's reaction, to engage in an intimate dance with them- from the genesis, literally of their creation to the climax and finally to a spectacular or solemn detente. Therein lies the beauty of visual art. it is "theirs"- the MUTUAL creation of the artist and the audience. Theirs, ours, to mould and form and twist, and turn and contort and alternate in awe-inspiring form. Yes, when art is recorded in isolation and broadcast, it may still be theirs, after all each piece of art gains an audience. However, it is more the artist's than the audience's


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