2 June 2012

An Economy of Grace | Kehinde Wiley

An Economy of Grace is a recent collection of artwork by Kehinde Wiley, now on exhibition. The collection displays portraits of African-American women from the streets of New York. The women are shown in poses typical of the classical European era, wearing dresses created by Givenchy's Riccardo Tisco. 

Kehinde Wiley describes the collection as one that "attempts to reconcile the presence of black female stereotypes that surrounds their presence and/or absence in art history, and the notions of beauty, spectacle, and the 'grand' in painting."

Another of Wiley's most recent collection is The World Stage: Israel which explores the history and culture of men of African descent who live in Israel. 

An Economy of Grace is open until June 16 at the Sean Kelly Gallery.

Images via Arise.

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