6 June 2012

Bicycle Portraits | Everyday South Africans

Bicycle Portraits is a celebration of the contemporary South African bicycle commuter culture. The project was conducted by Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler, who shot the pictures from their bicycles as they traveled around the country. 

Watch the video introduction

The aim of the project was to encourage the use of bicycles as a healthy, cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative mode of transportation. Bicycle Portraits plans to "assist the underprivileged cycling community through [the] project." Some mentioned possibilities are the "teaching [of] bicycle maintenance skills, providing necessities like helmets, tires, tubes, locks..." Although it is unclear how the proceeds from the photographic book directly help the community, one can appreciate the work that has been put into the creation of a visual representation of the South African cycling community. The photographs communicate the wonderful universal nature of the bicycle.

For more on the Bicycle Portraits project and photographic book, visit the official website.

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  1. Nice blog. I loved the pictures and music is just the best. Thanks for sharing.



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