11 January 2013

Kwaku Ananse | Ghanaian Mythology

Kwaku Ananse is a film based on a fable of creature who is a spider and man. Ananse, as many call him, is common in many Ghanaian myths and stories. Kwaku Ananse tells the story of Nyan Koronhwea, a young woman who attends her estranged father's funeral. Nyan's father had two separate lives with two wives and two families - one in Ghana and one in the United States. The film incorporates a reoccurring theme of duality, teaching that there are two sides to everything and everyone. Kwaku Ananse was recently selected for the Berlin International Film Festival and is up for the Golden Bear Prize for Best Short Film. 

Watch the trailer below:

For updates on the Kwaku Ananse film, visit the Facebook page.

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  1. Hello,
    The link to the trailer of Kwaku Ananse has changed following the Berlinale Shorts screening. This is the new link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-t6bYip32W8
    Would you be so kind as to re-embed it?
    Thank you


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