1 March 2012

George Korsmit | Colourful Geometry

Check out these geometric, colourful works by George Korsmit. Korsmit is a Dutch painter, who lives and works in Amsterdam. Below are some of his recent and earlier artworks, including a unique, commissioned floorpiece for the ROC Almelo.

Commissioned floorpiece, "Here I am" for ROC Almelo, 26 x 29m, poly-urethan coating, 2006

Three Brothers (2nd session, 21022006), 90 x 75 cm, acrylics on canvas 2007

"Mess up my mind mess up my mind", 205 x 180 cm, acrylics/linen, 2009

Slab deng 2, 220 x 190cm, acrylics/linen, 2009

Slab deng, 220 x 190cm, acrylics/linen, 2009

'Slash', 230 x 420 cm, 2005

'Here I am (nobody's out there)', 230 x 300 cm, 2005

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